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Real Estate Document ReviewIn any significant financial transaction the advice and expertise of a professional is imperative. Real estate transactions are typically the largest financial transactions that most individuals and business will ever enter into. The real estate sales people involved in your transaction are not trained nor authorized to give you any legal advice. In most real estate deals you are left on your own to review the multitude of legal documents. Since most people’s eyes will glaze over by the second paragraph of the first document – isn’t it time for a professional?

Real Estate Document Review by an Attorney

As you embark on what is likely the most significant financial decision of your life, now is the time have an experienced Real Estate and Contracts attorney review your documents. Retaining a lawyer competent in real estate law is sound business sense.

The laws, procedures, regulations and required documents of California real estate transactions are continuously updated and changed. It is extremely important to retain an attorney who works within the area of real estate law, who understands those changes and is able to incorporate the updated procedures in your deal.

Real estate transactions can be both intimidating and complex. While many of the forms look generic and off-the-shelf, they are often designed to look non-threatening – but upon close inspection, there is a lot of legal verbiage, lots of “fine print” and these legal documents have important legal ramifications that will directly affect you and your real estate purchase. In 2010, national requirements regarding lending and closing documents were changed, and these changes have appeared on the new sales documents you will be asked to sign. You should have legal counsel who are intimately familiar with these changes.

Real Estate Attorney Jeffrey Williams will work with you to remove the intimidation and sort through the legal complexities of your real estate transfer. No matter the size of the real estate deal, you will get our best efforts and personal attention from a competent lawyer – not a paralegal or staffer.

For clear, concise and effective advice and legal counsel focused on real estate law that can reduce your stress and give you peace of mind, call Real Estate Attorney Jeffrey Williams.

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