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If someone owes you $25,000 or more, we can help! – You performed. You delivered. Now you’re not being paid. That is so frustrating! The most effective way to collect the money owed you, is to hire a Los Angeles commercial collections lawyer to get your money. Retaining a debt collection attorney is so MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than continuing what you know doesn’t: emailing, calling or sending snail mail.

Time is Money in Commercial Collections!

Are you aware, that the older a delinquent commercial collections account becomes, the more difficult it is to collect? Statistically, once a delinquent account becomes 90-days old, you can only expect to collect $0.75 on the dollar. Once your commercial collections debt reaches 180-days old, that proven statistic drops to $0.50 on the dollar. By nine months delinquency, it is a paltry $0.25 on the dollar.

All businesses must be diligent and persistent in collecting outstanding debt to protect its financial well-being and profitability. When your customers fail to pay their obligations to you in a timely manner, it often causes a snowball effect in that you cannot pay your obligations on time either. If the outstanding debt owed to you is significant or critical, that uncollected debt can be a crippling blow to the hopes, dreams and aspirations you had for building and growing your business. Frankly it just isn’t fair.

Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney is skilled at convincing your slow-pay or no-pay clients to consider your firm “the squeaky wheel” that should, in fact be PAID ahead of any other of their discretionary payables!

When the collective debt of one or more clients has reached the point to where you are looking for help in your collection efforts, chances are your company has already tried several different methods to inspire payment from your clients. Hiring a collection firm to threaten “legal action” is not as effective as having a REAL ATTORNEY on your team suggesting a immediate repayment plan – – – OR ELSE. Business Litigation Attorney will be more apt to succeed immediately where your collections haven’t done so well so far. It’s understandable – wave the carrot – but you don’t have the sledge hammer and your customers know it. No More! As your collection attorney, my office will go to work immediately on collecting the money owed you. Whether your business needs help collecting a monetary debt, recovering secured or unsecured property, enforcing a legal judgment, our law firm will make a day and night difference from where you are now.

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