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Failure to disclose important facts in a real estate transaction, including both purchases and leases, can cause major financial losses for trusting buyers and innocent tenants. An important fact is any information that could potentially affect the sales price or the long-term value of a property. Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney, Jeffrey Williams is aggressive in protecting the rights of people who have suffered financial losses (actual or “on paper”) as a result of failure to disclose facts, fraud, false statements, negligence, misrepresentations, factual or or physical concealment.

You may have been told that you have “no case,” as you should know the axiom: “Buyer Beware.” But that may not be the case! You have been misled. Frankly, even if the property is sold to you “as is,” you have legitimate rights and legal options to recover your losses if you have been the victim of the seller, real estate agent, broker, landlord or lender. It is imperative that you act quickly and consult a skilled and experienced Real Estate Attorney who will represent your interests to recovery that which is owed you.

Real Estate Attorney Jeffrey Williams has years of experience standing up for the interests of individuals and businesses who might be defrauded in these complex cases. Mr. Williams can help misled and defrauded buyers and lessors recover any costs of repairs, or the financial losses that amount to the difference in what was paid for the property to what it would have actually be worth had the true and actual conditions of the property been disclosed as would be expected in any honest real estate transaction. Additionally, we are often able to collect attorneys’ fees, punitive damages and damages for emotional distress.

If you have suffered financial losses (actual or “on paper”) because of a failure to disclose the true facts in a real estate transaction, including both sales and leases, contact Real Estate Attorney Jeffrey Williams as soon as possible.

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