Real Estate Disputes between Adjoining Los Angeles CA Landowners

Resolving Residential & Commercial Between Adjoining Landowners in Los Angeles

Resolving Residential & Commercial Real Estate Disputes in Los Angeles

Public and private nuisances, real estate easement disputes, adverse drainage claims and resultant landslides can result in litigation and cause once friendly and adjoining neighbors to become bitter enemies. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Williams, we have helped to informally resolve and have litigated disputes between adjoining landowners.

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Practical Solutions for Adjoining Landowners

Oftentimes, sharing a common property line can result in stressful and contentious relationships between adjoining landowners. Disputes over matters such as noise, fences, retaining walls, trees, and drainage can become contentious and disruptive to home life or business endeavors in commercial property situations. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Williams, we attempt to find quick, practical, and cost-effective solutions for our clients who are faced with such situations.

Disputes Involving Real Estate Easements of Adjoining Properties

Real estate easements are common disputes between adjoining landowners whose properties share a common boundary line. Our experience and knowledge of real estate law allows us to conduct a detailed easement analysis when an issue arises between adjoining property owners. Our goal is to provide our clients an early and satisfactory resolution of all real estate disputes quickly and with the least cost.

Prescriptive Easements & Adverse Possession Disputes

Sometimes, landowners unwittingly allow a small portion of their land be used by a neighbor without any complaint over the years. When that supposed “use” of that property is discovered, a dispute often ensues. Cases involving easement by prescription and adverse possession require the services of an experienced real estate lawyer. We can help negotiate, mediate, or, if necessary, litigate the resolution of these types of real estate disputes.

Drainage Disputes between Adjoining Property Owners

Here in Southern California, sooner or later, most local real estate attorneys are asked: “Can my neighbor drain their water onto my property?” Issues involving water drainage frequently arise in Los Angeles as virtually all properties here are located on the falling (draining) land that is high where it meets the San Gabriel or Santa Monica Mountains and falls to sea level where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Virtually ALL Los Angeles area property owners receive water from higher adjoining properties, drain water to lower adjoining properties, and often BOTH. Natural water flow (local creeks & brooks) and/or storm water drainage problems can range from minor aggravations due to wet soil to major headaches such as home flooding, mud flows, foundation damage from hydraulic pressure and the undermining of foundations. For more information about Drainage Disputes, please visit our Drainage Dispute Section

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