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Proprietary Information dispute?

Like politics, business (especially high-tech business) is operated like a “blood sport.” And why shouldn’t a business be super cautious – if they lose control of their trade secret information they could cease to exist.

In the information age, where a companies trade secrets can all be transmitted in an email or saved off on a thumb drive, there is increased governance over intellectual property, trade secrets and company-critical propriety data. These trade secrets are what differentiates your company from others and when these trade secrets are compromised, your entire business can be damaged – sometimes permanently. Trade Secret Disputes Attorney Jeffrey Williams has the legal skills and experience within California business law to steer you through these challenging sand traps and make more certain that your company will continue safely to the green every time. We do this by establishing in-house procedures and protecting your business trade secrets with strict agreements with those who have access too critical company proprietary information.

Legitimate “Trade Secrets” can include many different things from client lists, to confidential pricing information, to unique processes that are proprietary and unique to your business. No matter the particulars of such data or intellectual property, as a business, you must strive to protect your interests against the unethical actions former or even current employees. Trade secrets are extremely valuable to your competitors and represent an untapped “piggy bank” that is known and can be taken advantage of by employees (former or current), independent contractors, even your office cleaning crew. Attorney Jeffrey Williams can assist you in preventing trade secret theft or future disputes by the careful drafting of “covenants not to compete” and “non-disclosure agreements” or the aggressive prosecution of those who are currently divulging your secrets to the detriment of your business through their unethical and illegal behavior.

Business Litigation Lawyer, Jeffrey Williams, will act swiftly and with the full force of the law to protect your business interests.

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