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Thanks to Wayne State University for their graphic representation (The Fraud Triangle) of how “fraud” gets a foothold. Partners, employees, distributors, associates – anyone who commits fraud is able to do so because there is opportunity, pressure, and a rationalization.

Pressure Rationalization
Opportunity is generally provided through weaknesses in the internal controls. Some examples include inadequate or no:

  • Supervision and review
  • Separation of duties
  • Management approval
  • System controls

Pressure can be imposed due to:

  • Personal financial problems
  • Personal vices such as gambling, drugs, extensive debt, etc.
  • Unrealistic deadlines and performance goals

Rationalization occurs when the individual develops a justification for their fraudulent activities. The rationalization varies by case and individual. Some examples include:

  •  “I really need this money and I’ll put it back when I get my paycheck”
  •  “I’d rather have the company on my back than the IRS”
  •  “I just can’t afford to lose everything – my home, car, everything

Fraud is an issue that almost always appears in a business environment where there is money or products or services: something of value. Whether you are going after someone or some company who defrauded you or your company — or — if a claim of fraud is being aimed at you and your business, perhaps as part of a breach of contract or other business dispute, it is wise to have competent and aggressive legal counsel on your side. A “Breach of Contract” is one thing (a civil claim) but the claim of “Fraud” oftentimes interests the police or other government agencies as fraud, if deemed legitimate, sometimes results in “Criminal Charges.” The long-range ramifications of a fraud claim can have long-lasting effects upon your business, so getting immediate legal representation is critical to protecting your rights and interests.

Even if fraud is not taken to the level of criminal charges and there are no police or government entities involved, in a breach of contract matter, even an unmerited claim of fraud might be strategically added into a litigation matter so as to pursue unfair and undeserved punitive damages or the recovery of attorney fees. Defending against such exploitative fraud claims would be critical to protecting your company’s future: possibly your company’s mere existence. No matter the specifics of your case, be they from claims of constructive fraud, claims of purposeful or fraudulent omission or even negligent misrepresentation, you need to locate and hire a skilled and capable business litigation attorney to defend you and your company against these serious charges. Business Litigation Attorney Jeffrey Williams welcomes you to call and schedule an office consultation to discus your issue of fraud. Our first concern is defending our clients rights and watching out for their personal and business well-being.

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