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While you may have only one chance at life, United States law sometimes offers you a second chance in the courts. These second chances are found in the appellate courts. Appellate courts review the work of the lower courts to make sure the law has been properly applied. If you desire to do well in an appellate court, you absolutely must retain an experienced appellate lawyer with special skills and abilities – – – an appellate attorney who can persuade three or more legal “Gurus” that your view of the law as measured out in your case is correct, even if the original trial judge disagreed with you. That requires a skilled and determined lawyer who specializes in appellate law.

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If you are unhappy with the outcome of a case involving real estate or business litigation in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California and you would like to submit an appeal, please make an appointment to have a consultation with Appellate Law Attorney, Jeffrey Williams. Our law firm represents business and corporate clients, real estate sellers, buyers, developers, tenants, brokers, and other parties involved in real estate or business litigation.

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An appeal is an official request for a higher court to review a trial court decision based on alleged error of procedure or alleged error in application of the law. In civil cases, including business and real estate litigation, this may occur immediately following a decision on a motion or at the end of a trial. The ability to appeal and the timing of an appeal depends on the court rules and laws of the relevant jurisdiction. In the realm of a typical real estate or business litigation case, the appeals court scrutinizes the lower court decision to determine whether to uphold, reverse, or modify it. If you have questions about business litigation, it may be advantageous to consult with Los Angeles appellate lawyer Jeffrey Williams.

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