Misrepresentation of Real Estate in Los Angeles

Buying or selling a property is a significant event in the life of any individual or business. What should be a smooth transaction and a great accomplishment can often be complicated by claims of fraud for misrepresenting the condition of office, industrial, retail, multi-family or residential real property or by making other misrepresentations in connection with the transaction. Both sellers and buyers can get into difficulties in the high-price transactions that are typical in Real Estate Transactions that are commonplace in Los Angeles and all of pricey Southern California.

Real Estate Attorney Jeffrey Williams represents sellers in real estate litigation who are being accused of fraudulent practices. We also represent the interests of buyers who failed to receive property in the physical and financial condition they counted on and expected. Moreover, we are experienced in representing sellers and buyers in litigation against the real estate professionals involved in these transactions.

Failure to Meet the Terms of a Los Angeles Real Estate Contract

It is the responsibility of buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords, to meet the terms of an Real Estate contract they enter into and discuss openly if any terms need to be changed. Real Estate Attorney, Jeffrey Williams routinely handles property disputes when parties fail to uphold these responsibilities. We have successfully resolved matters involving purchase and sale agreements, commercial leases and other real estate litigation matters. We also enforce personal guarantees when a business defaults on its lease obligations.

What if I Buy a Property, and Discover a Problem That I was not Told About?

Undisclosed property problems are a common occurrence for both home and commercial property buyers. The proper course of action is determined by the type of problem you encounter.

First, you should read the seller’s disclosure statements as thoroughly as possible. If the problem is not contained in the disclosure statement(s) and should have been, you should hire an attorney and consider filing a lawsuit in hopes of receiving damages. If it is a problem outside the boundaries of the property, such as something you did not notice in the neighborhood, then it is very likely your problem to live with and has nothing to do with the seller.

It is always a good idea to NOT wait until escrow closing to search for potential problems with the property you are buying, including the neighborhood, or any other factors that may prove a “deal-breaker” since anything you find before may change your decision regarding the purchase. However, if you do find something that you should have been told about by the seller and that constitutes a violation of the contract then a lawsuit or “threat of a lawsuit” in the form of a letter from your attorney may be justified. Contact Real Estate Attorney Jeffrey Williams for immediate advice.

Real Estate Litigation In Los Angeles

Real Estate Attorney, Jeffrey Williams has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of litigation involving residential and commercial properties, including cases involving:

  • Concealment of property defects
  • Non-disclosure of defects
  • Failure to perform on real estate contracts
  • Misrepresentation about the physical or financial condition of a property
  • Rescission based on fraud or mistake
  • Foundation issues
  • Drainage and water damage issues
  • Mold issues
  • View obstructions
  • Environmental law concerns
  • Specific Performance

We have been involved in numerous cases where one party wants to unwind a transaction due to some breach or fraud on the other party. We also represent parties who want to enforce specific performance of a real estate contract through mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Contact Real Estate Litigation Attorney, Jeffrey Williams for an appointment to discuss your real estate matter.

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