Los Angeles Easement Attorney

Easement Disputes Involving Property Access in Los Angeles

Easement Disputes Involving Property Access

Easements and Boundary Disputes in Los Angeles

Many Los Angeles County property owners believe they know where their property lines really are, or believe that their access rights to their property are secure. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. Until they have a land survey it may not be known. When you or a neighboring property owner conducts a land survey, a boundary or easement dispute may be the end result.

At the Los Angeles Real Estate Law Firm of Jeffrey Williams, we offer years of solid real estate representation to clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. We welcome commercial and residential easement matters as well as other property-related issues, including boundary line disputes, fence issues, tree disputes, drainage disputes and other encroachments.

We handle Los Angeles County easement disputes involving shared property that exists as part of the adjoining owners’ deeds, such as a community driveways and access. We also represent clients in adverse possession actions and claims of prescriptive property rights. If you are in the anxious and untenable situation where you need to obtain an access easement to an otherwise “land-locked” property, we would be a good law firm to handle your critical negotiations.

Contact Real Estate Easement Attorney Jeffrey Williams to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss how we can help with a boundary dispute on an easement issue.

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