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Partnership and Joint Venture Disputes

Disputes involving real estate can be complicated legal matters involving multiple parties and high-dollar damages. A party seeking legal representation in a real estate dispute, be it residential, commercial or a joint venture investment, is well advised to retain an attorney with a thorough knowledge of real estate rules and regulations.

Experience and knowledge are what we pride ourselves on in successfully representing clients at the Law Offices of Jeffrey Williams with primary offices in Los Angeles, California.

Partner and Joint Venture disputes can come in all forms, including those involving leases, purchase, performance, financial contributions, and other contractual matters. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Williams, we have a track record of success handling cases involving Partnership and Joint Venture disputes on behalf of our Los Angeles and Southern California area clients.

Partner & JV Disputes in Real Estate Transactions

Disputes frequently occur between partners in a real estate transactions. Initially, all parties were excited and anxious to get a Real Estate Project underway and, as often happens, the details were not worked out in minute detail and in writing. Time passes, real estate markets often spin wildly out of our control sometimes adding unexpected additional economic burdens to the partners – and it is not surprising that the partnership can end up in a mess.

Jeffrey Williams will zealously work for you to successfully resolve your disputes through cost-effective negotiation. It is not inconceivable that what was once a friendship might even be restored by having an experienced third party get involved. If, however, ¬†an amicable resolution is not possible nor successful we are experienced and effective trial lawyers and will aggressively defend our client’s rights in court.

Jeffrey Williams handles cases in city, state, and federal courts. That involves a thorough knowledge to navigate through complicated city, state, and federal regulations. Whether your case involves a breach of contract matter, a non-performance situation, or a non-payment issue, we have the comprehensive experience to help you resolve your partnership or joint venture dispute.

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